Haq Nawaz Noor Muhamad, believed to be the youngest tallest human is here to collect funds for his treatment and to help his family who are poor in Pakistan.

The 19 year-old who arrived Tuesday sponsored by Carlton Holiday Hotel measures 243.8 cm tall and weighs 130 kg, and will draw the crowd to the three-star hotel which will be opened on March 1.

Haq Nawaz who hailed from Bhawal-Pur, a remote area near Multan, Pakistan started to grow taller at an unusual pace when he was 15, causing him to suffer spinal pain, liver and feet problems.

Carlton Holiday Hotel general manager, Mohamad Rafi Abdullah said, the hotel called him to assist him in obtaining funds for treatment and to help his family who became poor after his father died.

Haq Nawaz still has a mother, two younger brothers and two sisters who are normal.

He needs RM500,000 to go for treatment and for his family.

Mohamad Rafi said, the hotel welcomed any company which wished to assist the youth or to invite him for any function.

The company which was responsible for bringing Haq Nawaz, Tall Worldwide Resources Malaysia Director, Rizwan Shaikh said he had sent letters to Guinness World Book of Records and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not to obtain confirmation on the youth’s height.