Toll collection at Bagan Ajam and Perai toll plazas located in the road alignment of the Butterworth Outer Ring Road (BORR) starts at 6am Wednesday.

Although the Malaysian Highway Authority director-general Datuk Mohd Noor Yaacob had said toll collection at the BORR route would begin Tuesday, users of the route would start paying toll only from Wednesday.

Banners have been strung up at the two toll plazas to inform motorists on the start of toll collection from Wednesday morning. A signboard had also been put up stating the toll rates according to vehicle categories.

Lingkaran Luar Butterworth Sdn Bhd general manager Suhaimi Mohamad Yusof told Bernama toll collection would only start Wednesday as Tuesday was still a public holiday for Chinese New Year.

A Bernama check showed the situation at the two plazas was quiet, with several employees putting the final touches and testing the tol systems at the toll booths before collection starts Wednesday.

The rates for cars at Bagan Ajam is RM1.20 and RM1.30 at Jalan Prai and for double-axle lorries are RM2.40 and RM2.60 respectively.

For three-axle lorries, taxis and buses, the rates are RM3.60, 60 sen and RM1.20 at Bagan Ajam and RM3.90, 70 sen and RM1.30 at Jalan Prai, respectively.

Besides the two plazas, there is another toll plaza at Sungai Nyiur along the 19km BORR.

However, toll collection at Sungai Nyiur has been deferred following appeals by the state government, residents in Seberang Jaya and surrounding areas and several non-governmental organisations not to impose toll until an alternative road was built to lighten the people’s burden.

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said recently toll collection at Sungai Nyiur Plaza had been postponed indefinitely but operations of the other two plazas would proceed as scheduled.