Day Nine of Ops Sikap XII, Monday saw 20 more people killed in road accidents, bringing the total death toll during the road safety operation held in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festive period to 139 people so far.

The operation, which began on Feb 11, ends this Sunday.

Federal Traffic Police in statement today said it was the highest death toll after the 18 deaths recorded on Day Eight of the operation on Feb 18 (Sunday).

Of those killed, 10 were motorcyclists or pillion riders, six car drivers or passengers, a jeep driver, a van driver, a cyclist and a pedestrian.

Of the total, seven deaths each occurred on federal and state roads, three on municipal roads, two on highways and the other on a country road.

After nine days of the operation, 9,620 accidents were recorded nationwide including 126 fatal ones while 10,495 summons were issued to traffic offenders.