Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy, Tuesday announced that the cash incentives for capturing traffic offences on camera in conjunction with the Chinese New Year festive period has been withdrawn.

He said the “Shoot, Send and Win” contest organised by the Road Safety Department for the incentives would be cancelled after taking into consideration views from various quarters.

“As there is the possibility of abuse for profit by some quarters, I am making the decision to stop this programme after having considered the views of various parties,” he said in a statement here Tuesday.

He admitted that the contest, which was supposed to run from Feb 10 to March 10, had received much criticism from various quarters.

On Feb 10, Chan announced that a reward of RM150 for the best picture, RM100 (second best picture) and RM50 (third best) would be given each day during the period for helping bring traffic culprits to book.

The programme was aimed at helping to bring down the high road fatality rate during the festive season.

The Malaysian Syariah Lawyers Association and Bar Council had questioned the wisdom of having such a programme.

Among others, it encouraged motorists to use cameras on their handphones to take pictures of traffic offenders when the action in itself (using handphone without a hands-free kit while driving) was an offence, they argued.