If you are indoors

Stay indoors! Take cover under a sturdy table, desk, bench or brace yourself in a doorway or 


Stay away from windows, books, china cabinets, heavy mirrors, hanging plants and other heavy 

objects, which may slide and topple.

Grab anything handy (coat, blanket, books, newspapers, cardboard box, etc) to shield your head 

and face from falling debris and splintering glass.
Do not use candles, matches or other open flames because of possible gas leaks. Douse all fires.

If you are outdoors

Move to an open area cautiously away from power lines, power poles, trees, high buildings, walls,  
and lamppost. The greatest danger from falling debris is just outside doorways and close to outer
walls. Stay away from fallen power lines.
Stay in the open until the shaking stops.

If in a crowded store

Do not rush for a doorway or exit since hundreds may have same idea.
Move away from display shelves containing objects that may fall.

If in a high-rise building

Get under a desk or similar heavy furniture.
Stay away from windows.
Do not rush for exits.
Never use elevators as a power may fail.
Stay in the building on the same floor.

If you are in a sidewalk near building

Duck into a doorway to protect yourself from falling bricks, glass, plaster and other debris.

If in a moving car

Stop the car quickly as safety permits in the best available space. However, do not stop on or 
under bridges or overpasses or overhead wires.
Stay in the car until the shaking stops.
When you drive after shaking, watch for hazards created by earthquake such as fallen of falling
objects, downed electric wires or broken or undermined roadways.