An exclusive interview with country’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj will be aired by RTM for the first time on Thursday after it was kept in Angkasapuri’s archives for 22 years.

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said RTM’s interview with the Tunku was recorded in 1985, about five years before his death.

He said the interview was never broadcast by any other television station previously.

“It is a story of our nation’s independence. To our younger generation seeking inspiration from our first prime minister, this will be a programme full of inspiration for them,” he said when speaking at a get-together between the Information Minister and the 2006 Short Film Award winners at Angkasapuri, Tuesday.

Zainuddin said the interview would be aired on TV1 at 8.30pm through the Galeria Perdana Khas programme.

He said not everybody could become leaders but the present generation, including film directors like winners of Short Film Awards, could learn from the interview.

Zainuddin also said RTM and Filem Negara have made a comeback and have won the people’s attention.

 “Now is the time for RTM and Filem Negara to wake up from their slumber. Their time of lying idle has lapsed,” he said.

He said RTM was not merely an ordinary television station as it has become the topic of conversation of the people.

“This is what the people are feeling about RTM. Although it is not that bad, the station is getting some attention (from the public),” he said.

“We’ve the strength with the large assets but they were not efficiently utilised by RTM and Filem Negara previously,” he said.

“Malaysia has money. We are richer than Indonesia and the Philippines but why we still cannot be above them? China has just opened its doors,” he said.

Indonesia have impressed Malaysians with their interesting plots, he said.

Zainuddin also said he wants the Short Film Award to be an annual event owing to the overwhelming response from movie makers for the inaugural one.

Of the 227 entries received, more than 40 per cent nominees came from non-Malay directors, he said.

The minister also emphasised on the importance of RTM hosting talkshow programmes as he wanted the station to have a balance of both mental development shows and entertainment.

“Entertainment gives strength to the people’s social well-being as there are no racial barriers…it is the people themselves who divide the races by abusing the entertainment,” he added.