Malaysians outdo Filipinos and Indonesians in sending short-messaging services (SMS). They spend an average RM101.5 a month on sending SMSes.

An international IT service company, LogicalCMG, via its consumer research by Ipsos MORI, found that Malaysians are heavy users of SMS and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services), thus leading the region in their use of the services.

“The survey findings show Malaysian consumers send on average 17 text messages a day,” it said in a statement.

LogicalCMG said the online interviews polled a sample of 1,004 mobile phone users aged 16 to 54, also looked into consumers current habits on the upcoming enhanced messaging services.

The service includes “Auto-Reply” (an-out-of office style response on text messages), Sponsored SMS (cheaper SMS that carries a sponsored marketing line) and Auto-Copy (service that delivers one message to multiple devices).

“All three services are perceived favourably by the respondents,” it said.

Boudewijn Pesch, Managing Director of LogicalCMG telecoms for Asia-Pacific, said the survey provided a valuable insight into mobile messaging trends in the Malaysian market.