Malaysia Gemilang” will be the 50th National Day slogan replacing “Keranamu Malaysia” which has been in use for the past six years. 

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said: “The term gemilang translated to terbilang, cemerlang, gemilang is the perfect single word to describe Malaysia as it is today. 

“Malaysia, in terms of technology, science, education, agriculture, economics, arts and heritage and many more, is at its successful peak. It’s a gemilang stage which all Malaysians can be proud of. We have come a long way and it is time that we celebrate our achievements.” 

The Government has invited all Malaysians to participate in this year’s 50th National Day slogan and logo contest. 

The contest requires the public to create a logo and a slogan along the lines of “Malaysia Gemilang.” 

Speaking at the launch of this year’s slogan and logo contest, Dr Rais also said the ministry has planned a substantive programme to celebrate the golden anniversary of Malaysia’s independence from British rule. 

The campaign that features year-long activities will involve all government bodies and departments. 

However, Dr Rais said, the Government hoped the private sector would come forward and be a part of the programme. 

“The private sector has never really contributed or played a part in National Day celebrations over the years, so hopefully this year, since it is the 50th National Day celebration campaign, there will be a change of heart and attitude,” he said. 

The slogan and logo contest details would be announced in the newspapers, as well as over TV networks and radio channels, by the end of the week.