In line with the Customs Department’s policy of transparency in disposing off seized imported vehicles, 44 luxury cars, including Mercedes Benz and BMWs, are being offered to the public for tender. 

The most expensive of the lot, Mercedes Benz S320L (2001), carries a reserve price of RM260,000 while the cheapest of the luxury cars was a Mercedez Benz E220 (1995) at RM20,000. 

Other models up for grabs are Toyota Lexus, Volvo, Honda and Mazda. 

All in all, a total of 104 cars are open for tender. 

The closing date for bids is Feb 15. 

Director-general Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid said the tender this time was different from previous years as the cars were new and have never been on the road.  

“In the past, only three or four luxury cars were put up for tender each time but this time we are offering 44. We seized them when they were being imported.  

“Look at them! They do not even have their number plates yet,” he said. 

He added that when a person won the bid for a car this time, after registering it, he or she could start the car and drive it out immediately because it was in such a good condition and needed no repairs. 

“We even polished the cars last night,” he said, adding that the Customs Department expected to collect RM8mil to RM10mil from the sale of the seized imported cars. 

To a question, Abdul Rahman said the past problem of car importers under-declaring the price in order to pay lower import taxes, was now under control.  

The Customs Department collected RM25bil in taxes last year. 

For 2007, the department expects to collect RM26bil.