The Firm is a corporate reality television programme in search of the next Malaysian corporate high-flier. The Firm attempts to weed out the weak from the strong, the underachievers from the overachievers and the followers from the leaders.

Through a nationwide search, 10 young up-and-coming professionals (male and female) between the ages of 21 and 35 are selected to join The Firm. In addition to measuring success via quantity achievements, the winner is selected based on qualitative factors (ie. Business ethics, moral values and best practice).After various tasks and assignments, the best candidates will be left to compete with one another, until one who has outshined the rest wins. The winner walks away with attractive prizes. The Firm plans to reflect what the real world of business is like ? tough, demanding, ruthless, and full of temptations to carry out unethical business practices and ignore moral values (short cut to success). It will be exciting and fast-paced. The Firm will galvanise the entrepreneurial spirit of Malaysian youth.

REQUIREMENT • Malaysian aged between 21 and 35 years
• Degree and non degree holders with experience
• Fluent in English
• Hungry for success
• Focused under pressure
• A risk-taker
• Ready to take charge
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1. Click below to download the form and fill it out

* the form is in .pfd format / To view PDF documents you need Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer. Download at

2. You can send it to either

The Firm c/o Popiah Pictures Sdn. Bhd.
225A, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

OR email it to :

3. Don’t forget to enclose:

1. A recent photo of yourself
2. Resume
3. Completed application form

All applications must reach NTV7 by 26 Jan 2007