KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd (KFCH) launched its Alaskan Fish Burger yesterday to replace its KFC Chicken Sandwich.

The Alaskan Fish Burger is priced at RM5.30 for a la carte and RM7.70 for a combo meal, while the KFC Fish Sandwich is priced at RM4.95 for a la carte and RM6.85 for the combo meal.

“It is a better product compared to the previous KFC Fish Sandwich,” said KFCH managing director Jamaludin Md Ali.

He said the Alaskan Fish Burger offers more fish compared to KFC’s nearest competitor. This locally conceptualised burger is a breaded, fried and boneless Alaskan pollack fish fillet.

It is served in a sesame seed Kaiser bun, with a slice of cheese and topped with a tangy and spicy fusion sauce.

Jamaludin said this new product is targeted for teens and young adults. He said a recent survey by KFC shows that when it comes to burger consumers, teenagers and young adults are the fastest growing market.

“KFC has allocated about RM2 million for the advertising and promotion of the new product,” said Jamaludin, adding that KFC expects the Alaskan Fish Burger to contribute about 10 per cent of the total menu mix this year. The biggest contributor to KFC’s menu is KFC chicken on bone, both the original and hot and spicy recipe.

“We will monitor how the Alaskan Fish Burger will fare in the market for the next two to three months and if it does well, we will make it a signature product,” said Jamaludin. In conjunction with the launch, KFC offers a money-back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with the burger.

On whether KFC will introduce additional products, Jamaludin said KFC will continue to come up with new products but now they are concentrating on the fish burger.