The Malaysian national football team was presented with a new kit by new sponsors Nike in a glittering ceremony held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre tonight.The new jerseys from the foremost sporting equipment manufacturers will make its debut when the Malaysian national team takes part in the Asean Football Championship next week in Bangkok.

The new colour is a throwback to the kit used by Malaysian national team of the 1920s while the away colour is a reflection of the colours of the Malaysian flag.

What will give further distinction to the new Malaysian kit is also the representation of the Malay ‘keris’ at the bottom left corner of each shirt.

“We give our gratitude to Nike for making this partnership a reality,” said Dato’ Redzuan Tan Sri Sheikh Ahmad, the deputy president of the FA of Malaysia (FAM) at the official launch.

“But this cooperation will not only be about Nike being our new sponsors for the national team jerseys but also part of a new plan to usher in a new era in Malaysian football.

“With their extensive links in Europe and elsewhere, we hope that we can integrate Nike’s technical ability to the success of the Road Map which will be unveiled soon by the FAM. So it is a win-win situation where FAM is looking to more than just the sale of national team shirts.”

For Tim Parkinson, the Marketing Director, Nike Southeast Asia, the partnership with the national body has been akin to a synergy where both parties can attain mutual benefit.

Parkinson said that through this new cooperation, Nike will be servicing and supplying the FAM all equipments including those for the Academy boys and where it is hope that it will get young players motivated to play in the new national colours.

“What Nike knows is the taste of success and really following our work in Brazil, Portugal and France, there is no secret to success,” added Parkinson.

“All that young players’ need is inspiration and self-belief and through this partnership, we hope that we can provide just that.

“I hope that we can help the Malaysian Tigers regain the roar of yesteryears.”

The deal with Nike is for four years with the option to extend for five more.