Internet access to overseas websites improved somewhat for beleaguered users two days after an earthquake in Taiwan damaged undersea cables that relayed data between the Asia Pacific and the United States. Users reported better response times yesterday compared to Wednesday, as telecommunications companies across the region scrambled to tackle the outage. 

“It’s a bit better now, but still too slow for my liking,” said Andrew Lee, an engineer who lives in Ampang. 

Action taken by TM Net and Jaring, the country’s two main Internet service providers, to reroute traffic to alternative links on Wednesday appears to have helped ease congestion. 

TM Net said it had no further updates on the situation when contacted yesterday.  

Jaring officials were not available for comment. 

Access to some of the more popular Internet-based services such as Google’s Gmail and the Yahoo! News portal improved appreciably, although viewing videos on during peak hours remained out of the question. 

University student Ahmad Ridzwan Ali in Serdang said he was relieved that some websites could now be accessed.  

“I use the Internet a lot for research and information gathering, so I hope it gets better in the coming days,” he said. 

The Internet Traffic Report website, which monitors the flow of data around the world, showed improving response times and decreasing packet loss – the rate at which data fails to reach their destinations – in the region, compared to figures for Wednesday.

Thanks to TM Net & Jaring …